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Randomness, Year 2
Issue 47

Random Poems

I feel rather uninspired. I just thought I'd write another issue to let you guys know I didn't get sucked into a vortex or something. My favourite poems are those written off the cuff. I call them "Five Minute Poems". I like writing them, and then leaving them, unperfected, untweaked. This issue is going to be a bunch of those. Which means I should turn off the Rich-Text Editor because it's really annoying for poems (it automatically adds a space whenever I hit <Enter> . . . grrrr . . .). The following verses are my random thoughts. Some were intended to be one poem, but they seem to operate alone. Here we go, straight from the brain of Matthew Hoskin:

Think of Zeus, who dominates the sky.
Yet he seems to be no match for his wife,
(that is, his sister), three times as sly.

You hang there--nailed up, like a picture on a wall.
You hang there, bleeding, flogged.
You hang there, like Spartacus--a slave.
You hang there, a god killed by his own people.

But you don't go away so easily.
Three days later you rise.
Three days later you come back.
You come back like Osiris, only better than the pagan god--
we need no Isis for resurrecting you or Horace for avenging You--
No revenge is necessary, because all you ever did was love us.

You fulfill those prophecies.
You are more perfect than any man.
Could be like Oberon, between men,
Between angels
But You're too perfect.
Yaweh--they call you Jove, Zeus, Allah, Tyr (somewhat right, somewhat wrong)--
But here you reach the pinnacle--
The height of that Plan of yours--
JESUS--Yeshua . . . Yaweh is Salvation.
Revealed once and for all--all men, nations, creeds, and tongues--
Name above all names.

I have a whack more. I have another Zeus one, and one about Faeries, as well as another about Jesus, followed by a three stanza poem being prayed to God.

May the Grace of God Almighty bless you all richly.

Love in Christ,
Matthew Hoskin

Copyright 2002, Matthew Hoskin