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I had a dream once . . .

I dreamt that I could share my thoughts with my friends, with the world . . .


On May 15, 2000, God gave me the guts to realise that dream.  I sent out a little message to six friends.  On May 15, 2002, I was sending messages to around 30 people--I didn't even know them all!  And somewhere along the way, in the autumn of 2001, I made a little website called The Vortex out of which sprang the Randomness website which evolved into The Archive.
This page is your gateway to the randomness of my brain that went and organised itself into habits and patterns, creating Somniare.  But there will be more Randomness in the future.  Randomness is a sort of glue that holds human life--especially mine--together.  We will never lose it.  If we were to, life would be . . . dull.
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Randomness, Year 1

Randomness, Year 2

Randomness, Years 3 & 4

Randomness, Year 5

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