Finity . . .

Who do you think I am????

I am weak. Feeble. Sinful. Hypocritical. Destined for death. Finite.

Remember that.

I am not the great I AM, but by the grace of God, I am what I am.

I am not a great evangelist, apostle, prophet, apologist, or teacher.

I do not have a halo framing my visage.

I do not walk half within the spirit world.

I am not without problems.

I am nothing.


That said, I have an announcement to make. See, I don't know what some of you think I am. I don't actually have it all together. I often write ideas as they come, or things that I am not completely sure of. I am not an inspirational speaker (writer). Somniare is a finite thing. Sorry. The end will come. Andy Dandy will probably exist indefinitely. Randomness has to exist indefinitely.

I have nothing special to offer to the market. I have nothing unique. It has all been said.

Furthermore, you will all have read in my Revolution e-mails that the time for talk is done. It is. The time for mere words has passed. Nunc est aetas factorum. Now is the time of deeds. I will send you a few more issues of Somniare, and that is it. The time for somniare is over. Now is the time for facio.*

-Matthew Hoskin

*Somniare is the present active infinitive, to dream. Facio is the first person singular indicative active, I do/make. The implication is that the eternal dream has come to an end. Now is the time to do something about it. Nunc, face!

Copyright 2002, Matthew Hoskin