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Comments and Observations

I discovered a most exciting thing when I posted up the last installment of the Martian Missionary Team.  You see, Tripod tries to match its ads with the content of the webpage.  Since I started that issue off with a Narnia quote, the ads were all about CS Lewis and Narnia (sadly, last I checked it was a witchcraft ad...)!  Then I went to Randomness, Issue 74.  I don't know what ads are currently there, but when I first went, they were BRA ADS!  How does a sense of wonder translate into BRAS??  Yet another reason why people are superior to machines...
In other cybernews, I just updated my other website!  It should be a good time, I'm sure.  Sorry the dates still say 2001.  I'll get to that someday...
Sorry I haven't much of worth to say right now.  Until I do, here are some quotes to tide you over:
From Danger Man, "Battle of the "Cameras"
Q:  Tell me, Mr. Simons, what do you do with your life?
A:  Nothing, but I do it terribly well.
From "Cannibals, Clowns, Wendigo and Other Crazy Stuff," by E Stephens
Eating our neighbours, however tasty they may appear, doesn't promote strong community.
From The Floating Admiral, "Shocks for the Inspector," by Dorothy L. Sayers
According to local report the Vicar was a ritualist, and ritualists had odd ideas about the truth.  They would, for instance, subscribe to the Thirty-Nine Articles and then unblushingly invent ingenious ways to get round them.
From The Last Battle, by CS Lewis
He meant to . . . ask how the terrible god Tash who fed on the blood of his people could possibly be the same as the good Lion by whose blood all Narnia was saved.
From Christology, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
If Jesus was the idealistic founder of a religion, I can be elevated by his work and stimulated to follow his example.  But my sins are not forgiven, God still remains angry and I remain in the power of death. . . . But if Jesus is the Christ, the Word of God, then I am not primarily called to emulate him; I am encountered in his work as one who could not possibly do this work myself.  Through his work I recognize the gracious God.  My sins are forgiven, I am no longer in death but in life.
And, finally, we can't go with an ascetic.  From St. Anthony, the father of Christian monasticism, here are some great words of wisdom:
Wherever you go, always have God before your eyes; whatever you do, have [before you] the testimony of the holy Scriptures.
Copyright 2004, Matthew Hoskin

Annus Quinque
(Year Five)