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Issue 25

Randomness, Volume I, Issue 25

We stand on the brink of Eternity. Every night, we look up into Infinity. At the edge of a rushing river, we catch a glimpse of Perfection . . . the Perfection of Creation. We live in the Eternity of Time. And we behold the Infinity of Space. I'm listening to Beethoven right now. And I am hearing the beauty of genius, the power of raw, emotional intensity. And on hearing that power, I amazed for a mere moment by man. Then I am struck by something greater . . . much greater.

Every day we see and feel something more. Obviously there is more to this life. If we are to consider the vast immense infinity of the stars, how could we deny that something bigger exists? Who would dare look upon the simple complexity of a baby and say that no more exists? Whenever I climb a mountain, I am struck at the power and magnificence of the world. And I am struck by the beauty of it all. As I stand on the edge of a cliff, look out into a glorious beauty less beautiful than Eternity, I am amazed. I cannot help but be taken aback. Today's society is a very logical, pragmatic one--at least, it seems to claim to be. In the dealings of governments, scientists, corporations, or any great movers in the world, there seems to be a feeling of an unwritten rule of atheism. Who is the greater fool: the man who examines a glacier and declares, "Behold the power of physics!" or the man who gapes at the enormity of the same hunk of ice and utters breathlessly, "Glorify the power of God."?

And there exists, within each one of us, an undying ember--a coal, a fire--of the human spirit which has been crafted by the same Being who fixed the stars in the sky. This undying fire is the light that God lights in every man so that all will seek Him and His Truth. But this very fire is unsatisfied by the world. Along with the fire is a hole that demands being filled. And this hole makes each man look about and say, "There is more to this life than just simply dying. There must be." And there is! How glorious it is to rest safe in the arms of the Father!

What is there more in this life? Simple, my friends--that same Being who created this whole universe. God. God is.


Copyright 2001, Matthew Hoskin