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Issue 28

Somewhere along the way, I sent out an issue with a story about a vision of a couple of arguing bishops. I guess you newer Recipients didn't get that one. Anyway, that story was kind of a reworking of an idea I had for this thing I had to write, so Trinity College could find me a roommate or something. If you're still with me after that last sentence, the following is what I wrote for Trinity in the end.

Evidence of God

Hector shook his head, "Man, how could there be a God? Look at the scientific evidence against the existence of a supreme being. We have enough evidence in the fossil record and biological similarities to prove that we evolved from lower beings. To put it simply, this notion of there being a loving Creator out there is an ancient pre-Darwinian myth that must be discarded. We live in such an advanced world, I cant believe people still believe in God."

"So, youre saying were accidents, right?" suggested Tony.

"Exactly. Were accidents, but were accidents that were formed from natural order of things. God did not speak and we were. The chemicals reacted and life began. The cycle is still ongoing, and can be seen in natural phenomena today, like in pepper moths. And modern astronomy has done away with the Judeo-Christian myth of a sudden, miraculous creation. It is evident that we are in an ever-expanding universe and that this expansion has been going on for eons, and will either go on forever or the universe will contract again. Tony, the cosmos began all compressed in something very small, and then in something we pragmatic people call the Big Bang, suddenly exploded and the universe began. We have, today, more than enough evidence that human beings are just very sophisticated animals. There is no God, no Heaven, no spirit, no Hell. We simply are because natural law was . . . lucky."

"Luck?" Tony said. "Luck has nothing to do with it. It is design. In all of the order in everything, isnt it even more obvious that we live in an orderly, designed universe? I say the cosmos were created with a single word. By the power of God was the universe made. Everything works a little too perfectly for it to be an accident. Accidents tend more towards entropy than edification. The evidence of God is everywhere. Just look at nature, Hec! Just because we have never seen God means nothing. Ive never seen the wind. Ive seen the effects of this wind, but Ive never seen the wind.* So it is with God. He is there in a beautiful sunrise, a first kiss, a babys cry.** He is visible in the beauty of a little snowdrop. He can be seen in the perfect movement of a rushing river, a blowing breeze, and a running gazelle. He is there in the miraculous production of milk in a cow. God is in all, over all, and above all. Just look at the world around you, at the photosynthesis of the plants, the gills of the fish, and the lungs of the people, and you will see the work the loving Creator you deny the existence of."

I smile as I hear the words of Tony echoing in my mind. Obviously God is there. His fingerprints are everything. In the soul of a man I believe I see the image of our God who made us from the dust of the earth. God is in a pink sunrise, proving His existence to all who care to look with the eyes of faith. I have felt Him in the kind words of a friend as I go through a tough time, or the kind words I speak sometimes myself. God has left an indelible mark on the universe, showing His wonder in all of his handiwork from the beauty of an ice-capped mountain to the incomprehensible beauty found in the wonder of love. God, as He said to Moses, is.

* Yes, I know Billy Graham said this.
** And if you're really paying attention, this one was Geoff Moore.

Copyright 2001, Matthew Hoskin