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Issue 1

Five people have responded to my query about getting my Random Thoughts. One person said that she would like to no longer receive my random thoughts. When I asked another during a phone conversation, she felt that my "Random Thoughts" were being forced on her, and she didn't want to subscribe. I applaud Angie, Jesse and Rob on their wise decision to receive my "Random Thoughts" (although Jesse seemed a bit confused about it all in his reply). Will and Anthony are in the list by default, and I thought, hey, what the heck, why not sent my thoughts to Lloyd as well? So, via my own executive decision, I have doubled the subscriptions to this newsletter in mere moments. Ha, ha, ha! I am sooo powerful!!!!


<Deep pause>

Why do people perceive things so strangely? I mean, I got into a discussion with someone about religious ideas and stuff, and she felt that I was "forcing my ideas" on her. What? By telling her what I believe and why I believe, I was forcing my ideas on her? If I were to go up to someone and say, "Jesus loves you," chances are, that person would say, "Hey, don't force Jesus on me." And I ask a good friend of mine if she wishes to receive this, and she doesn't want my random thoughts forced on her (despite the fact that she'd had them forced on her ever since we started having conversations with each other, if you really think about it).

Know what I've noticed? I almost never win free pops out of my bottle caps anymore. When I lived in AB, I won almost all the time. Since moving to Thunder Bay, I've won TWICE. Yeah, that's right, TWICE. A friend of mine who's native to this area (she's a perfect Aryan, if anyone really wants to know) said she's never won. What's with that?? Is Thunder Bay some sort of abyss?????

Well, these are all my random thoughts for now. Hopefully they'll be more meaningful next time.


Copyright 2001, Matthew Hoskin