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Randomness, Year 2
Issue 39

News . . .

Dear Random Recipients,

You may notice something new about this issue. That's right--the e-mail address! I have made a SPECIAL e-mail account for Randomness! In other words, even though I already have 19 other e-mail addresses, 17 of which come to the same inbox, we have number 20. Except this e-mail address IS Hotmail, unlike the others, which are another.com, so it has its own totally separate inbox and stuff--just for Randomness! Cool, eh?

I am flattered by some of the positive things people have to say. I thank everyone who has commented for commenting, and I thank everyone who has complimented for the compliments. And I welcome any criticisms, some of which I have received over the past 38 issues. But I'd like to take this moment to make a reminder. I've known people who make this reminder and basically use it to throw compliments back at people. I am not like that. I just like to focus. The focus is this: We must not lose sight of God. He is the source of all goodness. Anything good that I do, though my ability has done it, ultimately comes from God. Without him, I am nothing. So, thank you very much for the compliments--they help remind me that something real IS going on here over the internet and help me see that I am not labouring for nothing and that I am not unskilled. But as you praise me, do not forget to praise the Almighty.

Before I go any further, I have something to say. We have some new recipients (yay!), so I think it's time to talk about Randomness. Randomness is actually my own unintentional brainchild. It began with a few simple sendings of thoughts. I sent out to my Christian, Creationist friends some e-mail conversations I'd had with a theistic evolutionist. I sent to all my friends some cool websites. I sent to all my friends some ideas. Eventually, I began to wonder if all my friends actually WANTED my random sendings, so I sent out a request for anyone who wished to subscribe to Random Thoughts. Originally, it was called Random Thoughts, and I called it a newsletter. By Issue 2, it was Randomness. Before Year 1 had drawn to a close, it was a thoughtletter. In this thoughtletter, I had no idea what I was going to say. In the end, there have been, in general, 2 unifying forces in Randomness. It is just the random ideas in my mind. It is usually about issues I face as a Christian or about Jesus and Christianity at some level. As well, we added a monthly department: "Random Poems". Once a month I send out a random poem. In a few short words, there is Randomness.

I guess this issue is more of a newsletter than a thoughtletter. Oh well. I guess it would be too regular of me to be consistent--inconsistency is at the heart of randomness, is it not?


Copyright 2001, Matthew Hoskin