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Randomness, Year 2

Welcome to the Archives of Year 2 of Randomness!

The second year of Randomness was great. God has done wonderful amazing things through Randomness and I have had a fun time managing it and typing up the issues. Our readership swelled, which should be no big surprise! As well, people have been giving me real feedback, both negative and positive, which I think is excellent because it gives me a chance to use my brain a bit more and gives me a chance to improve either my style or my arguments. I thank all of the Random Recipients immensely!
In this year, we dealt mostly with theological issues, although we hit upon the subjects of Canada and Art as well.  I hope to soon have a Topical Index for Years One and Two, but we'll see...
Eccentrically Yours,
Matthew Hoskin

Feel free to peruse this site and read anything and everything I've posted. Not every issue is going up for various reasons. The criteria are largely subjective, based on my own personal judgment. And if you aren't a Random Recipient, but would like to be one, just click on the link below!

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